Posts is online!

We are glad that we managed to launch We really needed an official website for our association, one that is completely distinct from that of the Civic Alert project –, because we started new projects and we don’t plan to stop.

Civic Alert – the project, the app and the associated website – continue to work and we hope to soon bring new features for those who report problems in the public space. We will bring a few practical updates and adjustments regarding the app and the website, too, some of them suggested by our users. In 2016 we also launched (the website of the Air Alert project). And, at the beginning of 2017, we started – where we’ll present the development stages of our new project Traffic Alert, which targets improvements in road safety and traffic management. will be the official website of Civic Alert Association and it will help us communicate news, development updates and new ideas, as well as debate opportunities and different approaches. Not least, this new website will assist us in telling people about our intentions, our team and our partners, being useful for all those who wish to get involved and/or to financially support us.

We kindly thank all those who made our projects possible.