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We promote and facilitate the civic commitment with the help of technology. Like you, we want to live in a more civilized space.

The Civic Alert Association is a non-profit association funded by contributions, donations and sponsorships. It operates with a team of permanent members and contributors, including IT, project management, creative, marketing and communication professionals, who dedicate a part of their time to the project. The Association also has a volunteer program where anyone can participate if they wish to directly contribute to creating a more civilized space – register for the volunteer program here.

By addressing real problems for us all, the Civic Alert Association has managed to draw a number of important companies, active in the IT field, advertising or communication. They got involved with the association’s projects, offering media, technical and creative support.

Civic Alert Association is an independent initiative. It does not have a political hue; it is not affiliated with any public institutions.

We encourage civic involvement and information, we promote responsibility and solidarity, we believe in each person’s input in the urban life. These seem to be big words, yet, behind them there is a simple desire that we all share: we want safer cities that are more civilized, more efficient and more beautiful.

So, building on our own previous experiences, we chose to develop communication and commitment solutions by utilizing modern technology, so that anybody could bring their contribution in an easier way. We minimize the distance between citizens and the authorities, we favor identifying the problems in the public space and we accelerate their resolution, we emphasize the persistent issues and create premises for long-term solutions.

We need your help to make the difference. Please consider the available support alternatives.


We aim for fast solutions for the current issues, yet also for durable solutions for the persistent problems.

Civic Alert
Civic Alert is the simplest and fastest way of sending alerts to the administrative units of the state.

With the free mobile app you can report any issue you encounter in the public space in 30 seconds: take a picture, set the location, describe. Civic Alert sends all the user reported issues to the appropriate authorities via available formal methods, and the status of each report can be viewed with the app.

It is a useful tool – a connection between the citizens and those who represent them in the administration. Some easily report the encountered issues; the others have a real image of the situation, for finding a solution.

THE ISSUE: numerous issues in the public space and difficult communication with the authorities;
THE ACTION: easy communication of the issues and boosting short and mid-term solutions;

Air Alert
Solutions for collecting and sharing environmental data based on telephones and portable sensor devices.

At the core of the platform are integrated sensors in a small device, easy to carry, named AirBeam, which operates as a tool for collecting data for the platform. The air quality is measured, and the data is sent to any Android system smartphone and the AirCasting app. The application displays the information and the relevant maps from the Air Alert website.

In the future, the numbers and complexity of the available measuring devices capable to connect to the platform will grow.

THE ISSUE: inappropriately monitored, excessively polluted air, and lack of communication;
ACTION: measuring pollution through crowdsourcing, raising the level of awareness and alertness;

Traffic Alert
We are building a solution whereby together we improve discipline, minimize the risks and improve road traffic.

Traffic Alert proposes traffic data collection and analysis. We use telephones and devices connected to the internet in order to quickly report dangerous incidents or behaviours and to collect information.

We analyse and send relevant data to those capable to improve safety, reduce risks of injury, death and damage, to respond to some events, to improve traffic management and traffic flow, to reduce costs for disciplined and fair drivers, to offer technical and legal support to those in need.

THE ISSUE:  a large number of accidents and victims, aggressiveness, misconduct and chaos in traffic;
THE ACTION:  reporting the incidents, monitoring and analyzing traffic in order to improve it;

If you find our projects and solutions useful, please do not hesitate to use and support them.
Tell others about us and, if you can, donate something. Any sum, however small, it is very important for us.
We are not stopping here. Come back regularly to the website to find out what new projects we have in the works.


We work part-time, but we believe in our initiatives and we are making efforts to find time, contributors and resources for development.

All of us have demanding jobs, but we also find the time for the association’s activities. We work from headquarters, but also remotely. We call on friends and acquaintances for help. We try to cover as many activities as possible with minimal costs, but we hope to get to the point where we can create a team dedicated exclusively to the Civic Alert Association and our civic projects.

We have proposed to ourselves to be transparent, constantly communicating details about our activity, with the successes and errors assumed with any initiative of this kind. We constantly strive to progress, but we ask you to be understanding when we may not manage to be as prompt and accurate as we’d like.

We also have contributors whose involvement varies according to the project and time. Also important is the volunteer program where anybody who wishes, can help with our activities.

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